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Spring Hazards for Pets

It’s hard to believe, but spring is just around the corner. As the weather starts to warm up, both people and pets will happily head outdoors to enjoy some fresh air and sunshine. This is also the time of year when many of us will roll up our sleeves and get some spring cleaning done. Remember to keep your pet’s health and safety in mind! Read on as a Fort Collins, CO vet lists some seasonal hazards for pets.


As soon as the weather warms up, parasites will start coming out in full force. Make sure your furry pal is up to date on parasite control products. It’s also important to stay current on your pet’s vaccinations. Many wild animals will be out and about in spring. You definitely don’t want to take a chance of your four-legged buddy getting infected with rabies—or anything else—after a chance encounter!

Lawn/Garden Products

Once the snow melts, many people start applying fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides to their lawns. These products can be very toxic to pets! Make sure to store lawn/garden chemicals in a secure spot that your furry companion can’t reach. If you treat your yard, keep your animal companion out of that area for at least a few days. Giving the lawn a good soaking will also help get residue off your grass. Pets can get sick just by walking through an area that was just sprayed, and then licking their paws!

Toxic Plants

Many popular plants are poisonous to pets. We strongly recommend choosing only plants that are safe for pets. You can check the ASPCA site for a full directory of both toxic and non-toxic plants.

Easter Trappings

Are you planning a family gathering for Easter? Chocolates, flowers, and plastic eggs are all hazardous to pets, so keep these away from your animal buddy. Also, make sure to immediately remove leftovers and uneaten food, and dispose of waste in a secure container. Bones, fruit pits, toothpicks, skewers, and tin foil are all very dangerous to our furry friends.

Household Chemicals

You may want to give your house a good cleaning once the weather warms up. Just be sure not to expose your four-legged buddy to dangerous chemicals. Many common cleaning products are toxic to pets!

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Springtime Safety Tips for Pet Owners

The harsh winds and freezing temperatures of winter are finally waning, and warmer days and budding flowers are on the horizon as spring comes in. Remember to stay vigilant with your pet’s health, though—springtime offers its own host of potential hazards to our furry friends!

Pesticides and Fertilizers

You may spray chemicals on your garden or lawn to promote growth or keep the bugs off. It’s important to remember that these chemicals can be very toxic if our pets ingest them. Keep your pet indoors when spraying, and don’t let them come in contact with treated grass or plants. Munching on a chemically-treated tuft of grass could have dangerous results!


Dreading the coming sniffles and sneezes as pollen fills the air? Your pet may actually have a rough time of it, too! Dogs and cats can suffer from allergies, caused by reactions to pollen, dust, dirt, and other allergens. See your Fort Collins veterinarian to ask about treatment and get your pet on a preventative medicine.

Spring Cleaning Products

If you’re planning on cleaning house this spring, make sure your pet stays safe while you do so. Almost all standard cleaning solutions contain at least one harmful ingredient, and symptoms could be serious if a pet accidentally swallows a cleaning chemical. It’s best to keep your pets in another room when cleaning, and keep all chemical solutions in a sealed cabinet or locked closet when they’re not in use.

Car Hazards

Many dogs like to stick their heads out of the car window to feel the breeze on their face. This may look fun, but it’s simply too risky. Rocks, pebbles, or other debris from the road could fly up into your pet’s face or eyes, causing severe injury. Keep your pet properly secured inside the car to ensure his safety.

Springtime Pests

As the weather warms, miniature pests like to come out of hiding and find our pets when they’re outdoors. Make sure your pet is on a quality flea, tick, and heartworm preventative to prevent any infections. Set up an appointment with your Fort Collins veterinarian to get this taken care of, and ask about other medications that may be necessary for your pet.

These are just a few of the possible seasonal hazards to face your pet this time of year. Don’t hesitate to call your veterinarian’s office and ask about more ways to keep your pet safe and happy as spring rolls in!