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When your pet is sick or injured, how can you really know what’s wrong? Since animals can’t speak to tell us what’s bothering them or show us where it hurts, managing their health can be challenging – especially when that illness or injury isn’t clearly visible on the surface of the skin. That’s why we turn to veterinary diagnostics. These invaluable tools allow our doctors to understand exactly what’s happening inside your pet’s body so we can develop an accurate and timely diagnosis and treatment plan.

Moore Animal Hospital utilizes a broad range of diagnostic services, both routine and advanced, to help us achieve the best possible outcome for your four-legged friend. When a physical exam just isn’t enough to obtain a diagnosis, we’ll turn to technology to help us further. Whether it’s a blood test in our in-house laboratory, an x-ray image or an ultrasound, we’ll get to the bottom of whatever is ailing your loved one so that we can treat it quickly and effectively for optimum results. In many cases, we are able to have answers for you before you and your pet even leave the exam room. This fast turnaround can vastly improve the chances of a positive outcome.

If your pet seems to be feeling a bit under the weather and you’re not quite sure why, bring them in for a full diagnostic evaluation. We’ll have your best friend on the path to good health again in no time!

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