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Operations Manager
When Mandy was growing up, she always wanted to be a lion tamer so she could make the circus more fun. Mandy’s life ultimately took a different turn, as she found herself managing veterinary practices rather than taming a cageful of roaring lions. However, during a seminar Mandy learned that she had developed the leadership skills to take on and master difficult challenges. Mandy also realized that part of her childhood dream had been fulfilled, as she gets to surround herself with a roomful of animals every day!

Mandy came to Moore Animal Hospital via a roundabout path. Growing up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska with her parents and brother, she was involved in music and 4-H activities, and also spent time working with children. While Mandy was in college, she found a veterinary receptionist position at a three-doctor practice in Lincoln, Nebraska. Working at this practice unlocked Mandy’s love for animals and passion for people. After working at two other practices, and gradually moving up to an Assistant Office Manager position, Mandy began to realize she loved the veterinary medicine field.

Moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, Mandy worked part-time at several veterinary practices, and was eventually introduced to Dr. Moore, who had established Moore Animal Hospital. When Dr. Moore mentioned that the practice was hiring, Mandy jumped at the opportunity to join the Moore Animal Hospital team. Mandy’s receptionist, kennel, and management experience have made her a welcome asset to the staff.

While Mandy enjoys interacting with the dogs and cats who visit the practice each day, she really loves meeting the patients’ pet parents. As Mandy gets better acquainted with each pet owner, she can more easily understand their relationship with their beloved pet. Mandy also enjoys educating clients on the importance of pet nutrition and dental care, as regular attention to these areas helps to provide the pet with a longer, healthier life.

When Mandy’s not visiting with hospital pets and their owners, she’s relaxing at home with her six dogs and a cat that seems to want to be a dog. Since each animal has a buddy, each pet has a partner in crime. Mandy and her family are also bona fide movie buffs, attending many PG-13 films as soon as they appear in local theaters. Finally, Mandy and her daughter often visit nursing homes, providing companionship to the residents while receiving a sense of satisfaction in return.
Hospital Manager
Mark embarked on his satisfying veterinary technician career after interacting with a friend’s animals, rather than Mark’s own pets. Mark was allergic to dogs and cats, so his family refrained from keeping these furry household pets. Once he connected with his friend’s pets, he made the decision to develop a career working with animals, and found his first veterinary technician job while attending college. Fortunately, Mark’s allergy problem was resolved after several months, making his veterinary technician work much easier!

Mark’s first veterinary hospital job began with kennel cleaning duty, although he always jumped at the chance to assist a veterinarian or technician. Over time, Mark developed his veterinary technician skills while he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Colorado University at Boulder. After receiving his sheepskin in 2007, he moved to Fort Collins and applied to work at Moore Animal Hospital. Mark was immediately taken with the staff’s easy camaraderie, even though they clearly took their jobs very seriously.

Mark really enjoys his “hands on” work with his canine and feline patients, and especially likes the variety of tasks he performs on a given day. He gains satisfaction from watching a beloved pet recover from an illness, and also appreciates the chance to develop long-term relationships with the animals’ pet parents.

Despite Mark’s Colorado residence, he spent his early childhood in Nebraska, growing up with his parents and younger sister. Mark is an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan, and still returns to his home state for yearly football games. He also enjoys golfing, a sport that led him to participation on his high school golf team. After a hiatus of several years, Mark is back on the course and is constantly working to better his scores. He’s also renewing his SCUBA certification, and looks forward to exploring the fascinating world beneath the water’s surface.

Finally, now that Mark has experienced the joys that dogs and cats can bring to his life, he’s looking forward to adding a furry family member to his home in the near future.
Culture Coordinator Coach
Caitlyn’s connection with Moore Animal Hospital goes all the way back to her childhood. Since Caitlyn’s mother, Dr. Backstrom, owns the hospital, Caitlyn has always been a frequent visitor to the clinic’s exam rooms and pet resort. As a result of her time spent at the hospital, Caitlyn developed a love for its many pet patients and an appreciation for the dedicated staff who care for them. Now an adult, Caitlyn has been working at the hospital for years while keeping on top of her studies. While Caitlyn works as the culture coordinator for Moore Animal Hospital, this means that she works to help promote and maintain a positive culture for the staff, pet parents and furry patients!

Of course, Caitlyn always takes time to engage in some playtime with the hospital’s canine and feline patients. Whether the pet is a young kitten or a geriatric dog, Caitlyn loves them all, and makes them feel special while they’re at the hospital.

Caitlyn’s animal-friendly family has prepared her for success at Moore Animal Hospital. Her mother, Dr. Backstrom, functions as the hospital’s resident veterinarian and business owner. Caitlyn’s father and stepmother both work as farriers, giving Caitlyn some exposure to the equine world as well. Caitlyn also has two younger brothers and an older brother, making her the middle child in a very active family.

When Caitlyn leaves her furry patients for the day, she goes home to her beloved kiddo, Koa, whom Caitlyn describes as her “sassy baby girl.” Caitlyn also has two little sugar gliders who she loves to spend time with and sometimes even go on adventures with her during the day!

In Caitlyn’s spare time, she’s a voracious reader, and enjoys spending all the time she can outside. Caitlyn is also an artist, writer and enjoys crafting origami. Finally, Caitlyn wants to travel as much as possible and works toward that by going a new place every year!
Certified Veterinary Technician
Gina has been fascinated by nature and animal behavior ever since her earliest days, and she’s always felt responsible for the well-being of pets and wildlife. The older she got, the more she knew that a career working hands-on with the earth’s creatures would suit her perfectly! Now, Gina is able to help animals every day as a member of the Moore Animal Hospital team.

Gina was born in Puerto Rico and grew up in southern Florida with her parents and two sisters. She attended St. Petersburg College’s veterinary technology program, becoming a Certified Veterinary Technician in 2013, and started working as a Veterinary Technician at an emergency clinic in Sarasota. In the summer of 2017, Gina and her husband relocated to Fort Collins and she joined the Moore Animal Hospital family as a Certified Veterinary Technician in November. She plans on continuing her education in Colorado State University’s DVM graduate program in the near future!

As a Tech, Gina particularly likes hematology and studying blood samples under the microscope. Most of all, she loves connecting with pet owners one-on-one to promote the health and happiness of the area’s beloved companions.

In her free time, Gina loves reading, practicing yoga, singing and playing guitar, and enjoying the company of her family and pets at home. She and her husband, Joseph, have an aging Labrador/Greyhound mix named Sadie Lynn; she’s still getting used to Colorado’s snow after becoming accustomed to warm and sunny Florida!
Certified Veterinary Technician
Erica was only a little girl growing up in British Columbia when she first fell in love with animals. She even remembers writing reports to her parents, explaining why she needed a certain animal or why she had to visit the zoo that day. As she grew older, her love for the earth’s creatures only increased. For Erica, a career in the world of veterinary medicine was simply the only choice that made sense!

While in school to earn her Veterinary Technician’s degree, Erica secured an internship at another local clinic. When that opportunity fell through, Erica was thrilled to change her internship location to Moore Animal Hospital! She was hired on as a part-time Technician after completing her internship hours, and the rest is history. Erica finished school in the spring of 2019 and became a full-time Veterinary Technician with the hospital family shortly afterward.

As a Tech, Erica likes pathology work and preparing and monitoring anesthesia. More than anything else, though, her favorite part of the job is getting to spend every day around adorable pets. She finds that her animal patients make her job feel less like work and more like fun!

Outside of veterinary medicine, Erica enjoys snowboarding, horseback riding, cooking, and volunteering for animal-related causes. She and her husband live with several furry companions of their own, all named after sci-fi characters. The family shares their home with Leto, a sweet and happy Boxer; Ender, a rambunctious Staffordshire Terrier mix; and a smart and confident tuxedo cat, Leeloo.
Certified Veterinary Technician
Zoe grew up in Wellington, Colorado in a house full of pets. It wasn’t difficult for her to fall in love with the world of animal care early on in life. When she took a veterinary assistant course during her senior year of high school, she realized that she wanted to become a Veterinary Technician. Zoe hasn’t looked back since! Now, she’s a proud member of the Technician team here at Moore Animal Hospital.

Zoe attended Front Range Community College to study in the veterinary technology program there, completing a 125-hour internship at Advanced Animal Care of Colorado as well as a 12-week rotating internship at Colorado State University’s veterinary teaching hospital during her studies. She graduated in the spring of 2018 and quickly passed her board exams to become a Certified Veterinary Technician the following February. Zoe launched her veterinary career at a local small-animal practice, where she helped pets and owners for a little over a year, before joining the Moore Animal Hospital family in September of 2019.

As a Tech, Zoe likes laboratory work and never tires of running tests and studying slides under the microscope. She’s also fond of performing thorough dental cleanings and monitoring pets under anesthesia. Most of all, Zoe loves knowing that she’s able to make a lasting difference in the lives of not only pets, but their loving owners as well.

Outside of the office, Zoe enjoys reading, watching her favorite television shows, hiking, going to concerts, and spending time with her friends, family, and pets. She has three cats—Sammy, Tiger, and Mushu—as well as a Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Suzi and a sassy Corgi/Australian Shepherd mix who goes by Chubbs.
Hannah H.
Certified Veterinary Technician
Hannah has been fascinated with the medical world ever since she was a little girl, and she wanted to help others in whatever way she could. But she knew that the human healthcare world wasn’t quite the right fit. When Hannah started thinking about how to satisfy her medical interests while helping others to live happier, healthier lives, the choice became obvious: why not try her hand in veterinary medicine?

Hannah grew up in Satellite Beach, Florida with her parents, a twin sister, and two brothers. She launched her veterinary journey by interning at a clinic in her hometown, falling in love with the field almost instantaneously, and then signed up for the veterinary technology program at Eastern Florida State College. Two years later, Hannah graduated with her degree and passed the Veterinary Technician National Exam to become certified.

Hannah worked at a practice in Melbourne, Florida for a number of months before relocating to Colorado. It wasn’t long before she came across an opening here at Moore Animal Hospital—after taking a tour of the clinic and doing a working interview, Hannah knew it was the perfect fit for her! She became a member of the clinic family in early October of 2019 and has been helping the pets and animal owners of the area ever since.

When she’s not at work, Hannah enjoys working out, going hiking in the great Colorado outdoors, and spending time with her dog, Ajax.
Certified Veterinary Assistant
When a guest speaker came to Victoria’s fourth-grade classroom with a lion cub in tow, Victoria instantly became obsessed with large cats. It didn’t take her long to decide that she wanted to help animals in a hands-on way. Victoria’s journey has now come full circle: she’s able to care for pets on a daily basis as a Veterinary Assistant!

Victoria grew up outside of Houston, Texas, and moved to Colorado after high school to study at Colorado State University; she fell in love with the state and decided to stay! She even had the opportunity during her schooling to spend three months living in Africa, where she worked hands-on with the cheetah population there—it’s an experience Victoria will truly never forget.

Victoria has since graduated from Colorado State University with her Bachelor’s degree in wildlife biology, and she joined the Moore Animal Hospital care team in April of 2018. Next, she plans on attending Front Range Community College to earn her certification in veterinary technology and further expand her knowledge and skillset in the world of animal care. Here at the hospital, Victoria particularly likes working with new breeds and species, and her favorite part of the job is meeting pet owners just like herself on a regular basis.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the hospital or getting lost in a good book, Victoria loves to spend time with her own animal companions at home. She has two goofy dogs—Katniss, who isn’t nearly as brave as The Hunger Games character she is named after, and a rambunctious Labrador/Pit Bull mix named Godiva—as well as a grumpy bearded dragon who goes by Ethel.
Veterinary Assistant
Allison started her collegiate career as a business major, with plans to focus on marketing and finance. She quickly found that her classes didn’t spark her interest the way she had hoped they would, so she did a little exploring and signed up for an animal science course. That marked a turning point that has changed Allison’s entire life. She quickly switched her major and hasn’t looked back since!

Allison was born and raised in Albuquerque, New Mexico and moved to Las Cruces to attend New Mexico State University. She worked as a Kennel Technician at a local pet resort in town during her studies, and also interned at a local veterinary hospital and served as an undergraduate teaching assistant for the university. After graduating with her degree, Allison relocated here to Fort Collins to pursue her graduate degree in biomedical research at Colorado State University.

Allison joined the team here at Moore Animal Hospital in September of 2019 shortly after moving to this area. She’s thrilled to continue gaining hands-on experience in the world of animal care while completing her studies! Allison particularly loves to learn about new techniques and procedures, and she has special passions for cytology work and manning the therapy laser.

Allison has two pets of her own with her here in Fort Collins—a pair of cats who go by Ike and Olive—as well as the family dogs back home in New Mexico: Sonny the aging Beagle/Terrier mix, and a Dachshund mix who goes by Sinatra. When she isn’t studying or helping pets here at the hospital, Allison enjoys working out, hiking, playing intramural sports and attending sporting events, and cooking and baking.
Hannah M.
Veterinary Assistant
Hannah recalls using her toy stethoscope to perform “exams” on her childhood dog—she’s wanted to work as a veterinarian for as long as she can remember. Now, she’s on a mission to do just that. Hannah currently studies equine science at Colorado State University and looks forward to heading off to veterinary school in the near future!

Hannah was born in Sarasota, Florida but grew up in Connecticut. She was only in the seventh grade when she began volunteering at her family dog’s veterinary practice, an experience that only solidified her desire to work hands-on with pets. Upon starting her collegiate studies, Hannah started working as an Animal Care Technician in the University’s laboratory, and more recently started working during her time away from school at a small-animal clinic back in her home state of Connecticut as a Vet Tech and receptionist. Hannah’s most recent animal-care experience happened in New Zealand, where she studied abroad and worked as a Treatment Crew Technician for the Massey University Equine Veterinary Clinic!

One thing Hannah enjoys about her job every day is the opportunity to learn something new. There is always some new knowledge or skillset for her to soak up! Hannah’s favorite part of her work is getting to interact one-on-one with pet owners every day, and she loves to watch as their animal companions become healthier and happier thanks to the team’s efforts.

When time permits between her shifts here at the clinic and her busy school schedule, Hannah enjoys horseback riding—she will be the returning President of CSU’s English Riding Club during the next school year—and also likes creating art and practicing her photography skills. She’s won multiple awards for her photographs, and has even started her own small business selling commissioned pet portrait paintings and drawings!

Back home in Connecticut, Hannah has two dogs: Kozmo, a silly Schnauzer/Poodle mix, and an energetic but overweight beagle.
Veterinary Technician
All his life, Billy has found the company of animals both comforting and therapeutic. He fell in love with pets when he was only five years old; ever since, he’s known he wanted to become an animal-care professional! Billy is a Veterinary Assistant Intern here at Moore Animal Hospital, and hopes to become a veterinarian himself in the future.

Billy was born in Hong Kong but is a citizen of Singapore. It was there that he first began volunteering at an animal rescue, helping to set the foundation for his continuing career in veterinary care. Billy moved to the United States to study animal medicine at Colorado State University, and was thrilled to join the Moore Animal Hospital team in early 2018 to gain even more hands-on experience in the field.

Aside from his interests in the veterinary world, Billy enjoys cooking, watching movies, and traveling. So far, he’s visited Japan, Korea, China, Taiwan, the Netherlands, Brazil, and South Africa!
Client Advocate
Megan owns pets herself, so she knows exactly how valuable our beloved animal companions are. For her, getting to help strengthen and nurture those bonds for others is a dream come true. Megan couldn’t be happier to launch her journey in veterinary care right here at Moore Animal Hospital!

Megan is a Fort Collins native and joined the Moore Animal Hospital family in September of 2019. She was referred by her friend and roommate, the clinic’s very own Cecily. Megan serves as a Client Advocate and loves to meet and greet pet owners and their adorable companions at the front desk. She especially likes to learn all she can about the products the hospital carries in order to make the best recommendations to the area’s pet parents.

At home, Megan has two mischievous cats who always keep her on her toes: Tucker and Amarillo.
Client Advocate
Kaitlyn grew up on a mountain farm in Fort Collins, where she cared for everything from dogs, cats, horses, and chickens to cows, rabbits, and peacocks. Much of her childhood was spent caring hands-on for the earth’s creatures, and those experiences made a permanent impression. That’s why Kaitlyn makes it her mission to help all of the pets she possibly can!

Kaitlyn recently joined the Moore Animal Hospital family as a Client Advocate after coming across the opportunity online. She’s always found the bond between animals and humans fascinating, and loves having the chance to see those relationships up-close every day. Kaitlyn is also fond of learning new things on a daily basis—every patient is almost like a puzzle.

Away from work, Kaitlyn enjoys swimming, writing, playing video games, catching a good movie, and spending quality time with her own pets. She has two cats—Twilight, who loves snuggling and napping, and the quirky and mischievous Midna—as well as a pudgy dog named Snacho who can never get enough attention.
Client Advocate
Resort Technician/Veterinary Assistant
Elisa grew up in rural Maryland, where her childhood pets made a permanent impression. She likes to say that they were her earliest teachers about animal connection and understanding, and she’s never forgotten their lessons. Elisa always knew that she wanted to help nurture the bonds between people and animals—that’s why she decided to become a veterinary professional!

After earning her undergraduate degree in animal science, Elisa decided to move to Colorado to work with horses and captive wolves. It wasn’t long before she realized that she wanted to continue her education—that’s when she decided to go back to school to earn her Master’s degree in Toxicology. Elisa joined the Moore Animal Hospital family in September of 2019, and is happy to work hands-on with pets as a Resort Technician and Veterinary Assistant.

Around the clinic, Elisa enjoys diagnostic work and always makes it her mission to understand her patient’s perspective in order to promote the best health and well-being possible. She’s also fond of connecting one-on-one with the area’s pet owners.

Elisa’s interests outside of animal care include music—she plays the ukulele, guitar, and piano!—and reading. She’s partial to dystopian novels and poetry.
Pet Resort Technician
Resort Technician
Environmental Champion

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