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Brownish adult German Shepherd on a bed with a woman and a kid

Adopting A Rescue Dog

May 20th is Rescue Dog Day! If you are considering adopting a new pooch, please consider a rescue dog. Many people insist that rescue dogs …
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Adult dog with big ears resting on a grassy ground

Tag Day Tips For Dogs

Every Day is Tag Day is April 2nd! While a lot of dog care advice is tailored to Fido’s age, size, and breed, this is …
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Welcome Back

With the decreasing COVID cases in Larimer County, we are now offering clients who are seeing one of our veterinarians the option of either in-person …
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Puppy Care Mistakes

Have you recently adopted a puppy? Congratulations! You’re starting out on a long and beautiful journey of friendship, love, and adventures with your new pet. …
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Responsible Pet Ownership

February is Responsible Pet Ownership Month! Our furry friends really do bring lots of love and laughter into our homes. However, they are living beings …
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