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Playing With Your Guinea Pig

January 15, 2023

Have you recently adopted a Guinea pig? These cute little furballs are lots of fun! They’re also quite playful, and need enrichment and entertainment to thrive. But just how does one keep a cavy entertained? Read on! A local Fort Collins, CO vet lists a few great options in this article.

Scavenger Hunts

This classic game is popular with many different pets! Hide small snacks in a small, petproofed area. Part of the fun here is teaching your furry little friend to understand a verbal cue that the hunt is on. Pick a phrase to let on that the fun is starting. Don’t forget to pick up anything that is left behind after playtime ends.


Many Guinea pigs love to hunt and chase things. Try using a stringed cat toy to play with your little buddy! Just make sure that their paws don’t get caught up or entangled.


Is your cavy very active and energetic? Make him a racetrack! You can use a puppy pen, or just arrange some of your things so your cute little pet has a ‘track.’ Put a treat at one end, and watch your Guinea pig run for it.

Out And About

Some Guinea pigs like exploring. One thing you can try is putting a hoodie on backwards, and put your furry friend in the empty hood. Just don’t force it: if your cavy seems scared, put him down immediately. But if he seems curious and interested, just take him on a little tour of the house. Another option is to use a travel carrier.


Did you know that Guinea pigs can learn simple tricks? You may be able to teach your pint-sized pal to turn in circles, jump through hoops, or come when called. This is also a fun way to spend some time with your tiny pal.


Always choose a safe place for playtime. This should be an area without potential hazards, such as small or sharp items. If you have a dog and/or cat, keep them out of that room until playtime is over. It’s also important to figure out what your cavy likes. One Guinea pig may like rolling a ball around, while another may be more interested in sniffing out treats

Do you have questions about Guinea pig care? Contact us, your local Fort Collins, CO local animal clinic, today!

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