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How To Herd Cats

December 15, 2022
Did you know that December 15th is Cat Herding Day? We’re guessing that most of you probably didn’t. This is definitely one of the sillier kitty holidays on the calendar, along with Cat World Domination Day and If Pets Had Thumbs Day. As you may know, the term ‘herding cats’ is generally considered to be nonsensical. But is it really? Is herding cats actually possible? A Fort Collins, CO suggests a few things that might actually work in this article.


While this generation of kitties may not be can-opener trained, as their grandparents were, many furballs do come running if you open the cupboard where their food is stored. Fluffy may also magically appear at your feet if she smells something yummy being cooked.


Some of Fluffy’s favorite toys can come in handy for kitty herding. Laser pointers, of course, may be the ultimate tool when it comes to herding your feline pal. Remote controlled toys are also a good bet for this.


While it’s not nice to tease Fluffy, there are times when a bit of trickery may be helpful. Toss a toy or ball down the hall. Chances are, your furry buddy will probably run after it.

Reverse Psychology

Kitties certainly play by their own rules. They may be very loving and affectionate, but that doesn’t always translate into obedience. Try telling Fluffy not to do something. True to kitty form, your feline buddy will probably do the exact opposite of what she’s told!

Things To Explore

Cats are very curious by nature, and they love checking out anything new we bring home. Offer your inquisitive pet an empty box or grocery bag. Chances are, Fluffy won’t be able to resist it!

Sheet Changing

Another thing that our feline friends can’t seem to resist is playing around on beds as the sheets are being changed. We’re not sure why this is so much fun for cats, but it is cute to watch!

Reverse Herding Trick: Noise

Fluffy is definitely not a fan of loud or unexpected noises. If you want Fluffy to stay away from something (such as the Christmas tree) using loud sounds can be very helpful. Use an alarm sound on your phone, sound a horn, or bang two pots together. Happy Holidays! As your Fort Collins, CO pet clinic, we wish you a wonderful holiday. Contact us anytime!
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