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Cute Ways Your Cat ‘Helps’ Around The House

December 1, 2022
Do you have a lot going on this holiday season? Many people are going to be extra busy this month, with cooking, planning, shopping, and decorating. Of course, our feline pals are more than willing to help out! A local Fort Collins, CO vet lists some adorable ways Fluffy may try to lend you a helping paw in this article.

Making Beds

We’re not sure why, but cats seem to have something in their DNA that causes a fascination with changing sheets. Fluffy may be more than happy to lend her assistance as you prepare your guest room.

Chair Warming

This is one of our feline buddies’ most sacred duties. If you get up from your chair for a moment, you may find it occupied when you get back!

Gift Wr apping

Have you ever tried wrapping presents—or even filling gift bags—with a cat nearby? Fluffy isn’t anywhere near as helpful as she thinks she is. At least she’ll keep you entertained.


To be fair, this one actually can be helpful. In fact, Fluffy’s mousing skills are a big part of the reason we adopted her in the first place! However, most people probably don’t have ‘dead mice’ on the top of their holiday wish lists.

Laundry Furring

Have you ever set down a basket full of clothes fresh out of the dryer, only to have your kitty immediately hop in? Fluffy looks adorably proud of herself when she does this, and with good reason: she’s making sure your things have just the right amount of cat hair on them.

Box Inspection

If you sit an empty box down before your furry buddy, it probably won’t stay empty for very long. Fluffy is obligated to check out any empty boxes, as well as paper bags. Remember to give your kitty some extra boxes this season!

Sleep Aid

If there’s one thing our feline friends are good at, aside from looking cute and knocking things off coffee tables, it’s sleeping. Fluffy is also more than happy to share her expertise. Having a sleepy, purring furball in your lap is very relaxing.

Health Benefits

Did you know that kitties are good for our health? Fluffy not only keeps our spirits up, she also calms and comforts us. Talk about a purrfect pet! Happy Holidays! Please contact us, your Fort Collins, CO pet hospital, anytime!
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