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Things We Can Learn From Odie

August 1, 2022
Garfield lovers, rejoice: August 8th is Odie Day! Odie often takes a back seat to his grouchy, lasagna-loving feline roommate. To be fair, Odie is usually pretty quiet, and doesn’t really seem to have much to say. In fact, Odie is the only character in the Garfield universe that doesn’t speak. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t learn a thing or two from him. A Fort Collins, CO vet lists some examples below.

Cats Will Knock Anything Off Tables

Garfield may be animated, but he is just as fond of smacking things off tables as our real-life feline patients. Poor Odie has been drop-kicked, pushed, bunted, and thrown off Jon’s table more times than we can count.

Kitties Show Affection In Weird Ways

Odie isn’t as innocent as he looks: he has definitely gotten the best of Garfield a few times. For instance, he once threw the sarcastic feline (and his recliner) through a wall. However, Garfield is actually quite fond of his drooly roommate. He also isn’t above pretending to be Odie in order to score himself some extra food.

Dogs Are Easy To Please

Like all dogs, Odie is pretty adorable when he looks happy. It doesn’t take much to get this pup excited, either. He also drools pretty quickly and, like many of our patients, is always enthusiastic about going outside.

Dogs Bring Joy To Our Lives

In many ways, Odie is Garfield’s opposite. While Garfield hates Mondays, spiders, and Nermal, Odie is much more enthusiastic about, well, everything.

Sometimes The Cat Is The Aggressor

Garfield isn’t above playing pranks on Odie, or, at the very least, making fun of him. As mentioned above, the Monday-hating orange kitty has yeeted Odie off the table probably several dozen—if not hundreds—of times during the course of their friendship. He’s also locked Odie out more than once!

Dogs Make Everything Better

Odie may never be the star of the show, but he does complete the cast of characters, leaving his mark (and slobber) on Jim Davis’ beloved comic strip in his own adorable and iconic way. It’s hard to imagine Garfield without his canine cohort. In fact, when Odie once got picked up by a dogcatcher, Garfield got quite sad about it. As your local Fort Collins, CO animal clinic, we’re dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Contact us anytime … even on Mondays!
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