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Common Misconceptions About Cats

July 15, 2022
Kitties are quite mysterious, and they’ve collected quite a few myths and legends. These tales go way back to ancient times. For instance, old Egyptian myths associated Fluffy with the moon. However, many of them are inaccurate. A Fort Collins, CO vet lists a few common misconceptions about our feline friends below.

They Love Milk

We’ve all seen those iconic images of kitties happily lapping up bowls of milk. The truth is that adult cats are lactose intolerant. Once they stop nursing, cats’ bodies stop producing the enzyme that lets them digest milk. While some kitties can tolerate tiny amounts of milk, others get upset tummies. It’s best to choose a different treat.

They’re Associated With Witches

This is probably the most prevalent—and dangerous—myth about kitties. Black cats are particularly affected by this old wives’ ‘tail.’ That bad PR unfortunately is still prevalent today. As a result, black cats often have a harder time getting adopted than other felines. This is quite sad, as they tend to be extremely sweet and lovable.

They Have Nine Lives

Our feline buddies are remarkably resilient, and they definitely have a knack for getting into mischief. Close calls are somewhat purr for the course with these furry little daredevils. However, Fluffy only gets one life, just like the rest of us.

They Steal Babies’ Breath

There’s a grain of truth behind this one as well. Fluffy does love to snuggle, and she clearly feels it to be her job to cuddle her humans … even the tiny ones. The issue here is that very small babies aren’t strong enough to push cats off them, so there is a danger of suffocation. Fortunately, there is an easy solution: just get a topper for your crib.

They Always Land On Their Feet

This is another dangerous misconception. Kitties do often right themselves in mid-air, but that doesn’t mean they won’t get hurt falling from high spots. In fact, there’s a specific name for the injuries these types of falls cause: high rise syndrome. If you live on or above a second story, make sure that your windows and screens close securely.

They Can Teleport

To be honest, we really haven’t been able to debunk this one. Let’s just say we have our suspicions. As your local Fort Collins, CO animal clinic, we are dedicated to offering top-notch veterinary care. Call us anytime!
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