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Holidays With Gerbils

December 1, 2021

It’s that time of year again: the holidays are officially upon us! You’ll find lots of tips and information about spending the holidays with Fluffy and Fido, but what about smaller animals? Pocket pets, like gerbils and hamsters, may not be as prominent or popular as dogs and cats, but they are really quite adorable little pets. Who says these guys can’t get in on some holiday fun? Here, a Fort Collins, CO vet discusses spending the holidays with gerbils.


You can add some decorations to your pint-sized pet’s habitat or cage, as long as you take precautions to make it safe. You can also string decorations like tinsel, ribbon, lights, or ornaments outside your furry pal’s house, as long as they can’t reach them. You may also find that a small tissue box or gift box with a seasonal print makes a cute hide. Or, add some paper chain snowflakes. Just take care not to give your cute pet access to anything small or sharp. Things with dangling threads are unsafe too, as is anything covered in varnish, paint, glitter, or dye.


Gerbils are very meek and fragile, and they can get scared easily. If your furry buddy’s home is in a busy spot, you may want to move it to a quieter spot on nights that you’re hosting events.


Food is a huge part of many holiday celebrations. Gerbils can enjoy some treats, too! Just take care to only offer safe, suitable foods. Your pint sized pal can have certain fruits, such as berries, apples, raisins, and bananas. As for veggies, you can offer carrots, cucumber, peas, pumpkin, or broccoli, to name a few. Other suitable options include plain cereal, cheese, nuts, seeds, popcorn, eggs, or insects, such as waxworms. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Gerbils may be small, but they can take some super cute pictures. Stage a seasonal photo shoot with your tiny buddy. Put an itty-bitty Santa hat on him, or prop him up on a miniature sleigh.


Who says pocket pets don’t deserve gifts? A bigger habitat would probably be at the top of your little furball’s wish list. Other good options include new hide boxes, tunnels and mazes, chew toys, and cage decorations, such as lookout rocks branches.

Happy Holidays from Moore Animal Hospital, your local Fort Collins, CO animal clinic. Call us anytime!

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