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Adopt A Dog Month: Bringing Fido Home

October 1, 2021

It’s Adopt A Dog Month! Are you planning to bring a new pup into your home? If so, we’re pawsitively thrilled for you. We love seeing pets go to loving forever homes! Read on for some advice from a Fort Collins, CO vet on bringing Fido home.

Take A Walk

Before bringing your new canine buddy into your house, take him for a walk around the neighborhood. There are a few reasons for this. One is that it will give Fido a chance to burn off any excess energy he has, so he’ll be calmer after. This will also allow him a little time to ‘reset’ after leaving his shelter, foster home, or former residence. Plus, your furry pal will appreciate having a chance to get the lay of the land.

Be Prepared

Have all of Fido’s doggy necessities ready before you pick him up. A comfy bed is a must. Your four-legged friend will also need food, dishes, toys, treats, a good leash, a collar or harness, and grooming supplies. We also recommend doing some puppyproofing. Remove or secure things like wires and cords, chemicals, medications, plastic bags and ties, small or sharp objects, and toxic plants. If you have a yard, make sure your fencing is sturdy and secure.

Start Routine

Our canine companions naturally feel more secure on a set schedule. Start Fido on his new routine for walks, meals, and playtime right away.

Let The Pup Settle

It takes dogs a few days to take in new surroundings, a few weeks to start to adjust, and a few months to completely settle in. Give Fido the time he needs. Don’t force attention on him, and don’t punish him for mistakes. Focus on providing great TLC and rewarding him for being good.


If you have other pets, you’ll need to closely monitor their introduction and interactions. If you have another pup, we recommend doing a meet-and-greet beforehand. If you have a kitty, make sure Fluffy has a safe, dog-proof spot in every room. (Tip: Cat towers are great for this.)

Meet The Vet

An appointment should definitely be on the agenda. Fido will need a nose-to-tail checkup. We love meeting new patients! This is also a great time to ask for care tips.

As your Fort Collins, CO vet clinic, we’re dedicated to offering great care. Contact us anytime!

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