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Dog Party Day

June 15, 2021

There’s a pretty fun dog holiday coming up. Dog Party Day is June 21st!  Having a dog party is a great way to reconnect with family and friends you haven’t seen in a while. Fido will also appreciate being able to run and play with his buddies again! Hare, a Fort Collins, CO vet offers some tips on hosting a successful dog party.

Guest List

Socializing is just as important and beneficial for pets as it is for people. However, as with people, some dogs are just nicer than others. Only invite people with gentle, friendly pups, and make sure that all of Fido’s pals are caught up on their vaccinations and parasite control. It’s also best that they all be fixed.


Potluck is always an easy option for summer parties. Have everyone bring a dish for the people and some treats for the pups. Just stick to healthy options. Some of the things that are dangerous to dogs include garlic and onions; grapes and raisins; meat on the bone; avocados; chocolate; pitted fruits; and anything that contains xylitol. That’s not to say you can’t enjoy these foods: you’ll just need to keep them out of paws’ reach.


Fido isn’t shy about digging through the trash in search of yummy leftovers. However, the garbage can be dangerous for him. It could contain things like toothpicks, skewers, corn cobs, tin foil, bones, fat trimming, and can lids, which are all unsafe for dogs. Pick up leftovers after everyone is finished eating, and use trash cans that close securely.


There are few things more joyous than dogs hard at play. Set out lots of toys for your canine buddies. Make sure there is plenty of everything to go around. You don’t want Fido and Rollo fighting over the squeaky chicken toy!


If it’s really hot out, your canine buddies may enjoy splashing around a bit. Kiddie pools are great options for dogs. You can also set out a sprinkler or pet fountain for Fido to play in. You’ll need to take some precautions if you have a pool, though. The biggest thing is to keep a close eye on your furry pals near the water, just as you would with kids. Keep the pool gated off if you aren’t using it.

As your Fort Collins, CO veterinary clinic, we are here to help! Call us anytime!

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