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Tips for Buying a Purebred

May 1, 2021

National Pure bred Day is May 1st! Our canine friends come in all shapes and sizes. Some people are just drawn to one type of dog or another, simply as a matter of personal preference. There’s nothing wrong with that. However, if you’re considering buying a purebred dog, read on. A Fort Collins, CO vet offers some tips on this below.

Consider Getting A Rescue

No matter what kind of pup you like, chances are, there’s a rescue out there working with that specific breed. You can also bide your time and wait for one to become available locally.

Beware Of  Puppy Mills

One positive change we’ve seen in the past few years is an increase in legislature that bans or punishes puppy mills. Of course, no one is going to admit that they are running a puppy mill. If possible, visit the breeder on site. Most reputable breeders are accommodating on this, though of course the pandemic may complicate that. If you suspect that you’re dealing with a puppy mill, contact authorities.


Buying a purebred? If you’ve never owned that specific breed before, do some research first. Breed certainly isn’t the only thing that affects dogs’ health, size, and temperament, but it does play a role. Your vet can also give you a few ‘pointers.’

Consider Insurance

Cert ain breeds are prone to specific health issues. For instance, German Shepherds often develop hip dysplasia in their golden years. Other pooches may be at increased risk of vision or hearing problems. You may want to look into getting your canine buddy insured. Wellness plans are not the same as insurance, but they can also be very beneficial. Ask your vet for more information.

Health Check

Many reputable breeders will guarantee that their pets are free of certain health defects. However, at the end of the day, when you adopt an animal, you’re ultimately responsible for its health and care. Before buying a puppy, observe it closely. Remember, adoption is forever!

Beware Scammers

Unfortunately, there’s no shortage of people willing to take advantage of soft-hearted folks that are looking for a furry companion. Never send money to someone over the internet, and avoid meeting strangers alone or in sketchy spots. In fact, don’t do business with anyone you can’t verify.

Do you have questions about a specific breed? Contact us, your Fort Collins, CO veterinary clinic, today !

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