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Holiday Gifts for Pets

December 15, 2020

Have you finished your holiday shopping yet? Or are you still sorting out what the best gifts are for your loved ones? Don’t forget to pick up something for your furry friend! A local Fort Collins, CO veterinarian lists some great options for our animal companions in this article. 

D  ogs

Our canine pals get adorably excited when they know they’re getting a new toy or a special treat. Both make great gifts, and would likely top Fido’s list if he could make one. Other great options for Man’s Best Friend include simple doggy luxuries, like soft beds, water fountains, and perhaps elevated dishes. Older pooches may enjoy heated beds or pet ramps, while puppies may like things like chew toys. You can also give your four-legged friend some grooming supplies, such as dental chews, paw balm, or pet toothpaste. If you really want to pamper your furry pal, sign him up for a doggy subscription box. This will keep that tail going all year!


Kitties may be finicky about food, but aside from that, they’re actually quite easy to please. Toys, treats, and catnip are all purrfect gifts. You can also get your feline friend a scratching post, or perhaps a window seat. Beds are also great options. As far as Fluffy is concerned, you just can’t have too many napping spots! Your furball will also appreciate a good cat tower or scratching post or board. Don’t forget to give your cute pet some of those empty boxes and gift bags as well! 

Pocket Pets

Little pets need love too! New hidey-holes are great choices for little pets, such as rabbits, Guinea pigs, or gerbils. These smaller pets also need lots of chew toys. Many of them also enjoy labyrinths or tunnels. You can buy these things, but you can also make your own. A bigger cage would be another option for these tiny balls of fur. With some pets, such as bunnies and Guinea pigs, a roommate would also be a good option. Many of our littler patients are used to living with their buddies, and get quite lonely by themselves. Just do some research first, as this isn’t the case for every pet. For example, Guinea pigs need buddies, while Syrian hamsters should always live alone.

Happy Holidays! Please feel free to contact us, your local Fort Collins, CO animal hospital, anytime! 

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