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Fall Cat Care Tips

November 1, 2020

Autumn is officially upon us! This is a wonderful time of year for settling in with a purring cat, a good book, and a cup of tea or coffee. However, autumn does present some dangers for our feline pals. A Fort Collins, CO vet lists some of them below. 

Warm Spots

Did you know that cats somehow manage to sleep even more than usual when it’s cold or dreary out? Make sure your kitty has lots of warm, comfy napping spots. Plush beds are great, but your furry buddy will also happily doze off on a soft blanket on a chair, sofa, or bed. You get bonus purrs if at least one of Fluffy’s beds has sunbeam exposure. 


Fall is a peak shedding time. Help Fluffy change into her winter outfit by brushing her regularly. This will remove dead fur and dander from her coat, helping keep her warm and comfy. You’ll also find less pet hair on your belongings, as you’ll be grabbing it with a brush before it gets stuck to, well, everything. 

Veterinary Care

Older kitties often get rather stiff and sore when the weather changes. If Fluffy seems to be moving more slowly than usual, this could be the reason. Supplements, such as fish oil, may help with this. Your feline buddy may also benefit from other treatments, such as medication. Schedule an appointment for your furball. It’s also important to make sure your cat is up to date on her vaccinations and parasite control. At this time of year, fleas, mice, and other unwanted guests often try to come indoors. These critters can carry parasites and diseases. 


The Great Outdoors can be a dangerous place for a curious little furball. While Fluffy may look adorable chasing after falling leaves, she also faces some very serious risks outside. Traffic, weather, wild animals, and short days can all endanger our feline friends. Fluffy could also ingest harmful chemicals, such as antifreeze or fertilizer. Halloween is especially dangerous, due to risks posed by increased traffic. Unfortunately, some people also pose a threat to kitties around the autumn holiday. Black cats are especially at risk, because of the old wives’ tales linking them with witches. Keep your pet safe and sound indoors! 

Please contact us, your Fort Collins, CO vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help! 

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