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Autumn Care for Dogs

October 15, 2020

The seasons are changing again, and fall is upon us. As the leaves turn and the weather cools, you’ll need to take some precautions to keep Fido happy and healthy. Dogs can get into all sorts of mischief at this time of year! Here, a Fort Collins, CO vet discusses fall care for dogs.


If Fido is a working dog, is naturally thin, or spends a lot of time outdoors, he may need extra food in cold weather, as he’ll spend more calories than usual just staying warm. Puppies and nursing mamas may also need bigger portions. If your pup has any bone/joint issues, he may become stiff and sore when it’s cold and damp. Supplements can help with this. Ask your vet for specific advice.


Halloween brings its own concerns. Candies, chocolates, and other sweet treats are not safe for Man’s Best Friend. You’ll also want to be careful with certain decorations. Ones that run on battery or electric power, and/or have small or sharp parts are particularly dangerous.


The weather can change quickly and drastically at this time of year. If Fido has thin fur, make sure he has some doggy sweaters for frigid days. Your furry pal will also need a warm, comfy bed to curl up in on those chilly autumn afternoons.


Many people treat their lawns and gardens at this time of year. Fertilizers, pesticides, and other lawn/garden products are highly toxic to our canine buddies. Fido could ingest these dangerous chemicals just by walking through a patch and licking his paws. Antifreeze is also a concern. It’s extremely poisonous to pets. Unfortunately, many brands have a flavor that many of them love. Clean any spills immediately. Or, even better, switch to a pet-friendly brand.


Chemicals aren’t the only seasonal hazard to be concerned about. Many late-blooming plants are toxic to dogs. You’ll also need to be on the lookout for wild animals. Many critters are looking for places to hunker down for winter, and may be more aggressive than usual.


Your canine companion may very well spend the bulk of the winter months indoors, napping. Take advantage of that gorgeous autumn weather, and take Fido for some long walks before the snow flies.

Please contact us, your Fort Collins, CO vet clinic, for all of your pet’s veterinary care needs. We’re here to help!

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