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Signs Your Dog is Going Deaf

October 1, 2020

Do you know or suspect that your pet is losing his hearing? Thousands of dogs in the US are afflicted with hearing problems. Many of them are actually deaf. While some pups are born deaf, many others lose their hearing over time. Fido can’t tell you if something is going on with his ears, so it’s up to you to watch for warning signs. Here, a Fort Collins, CO vet lists some signs that your pooch may be going deaf.


If Fido is ignoring your commands, it could be because he can’t hear you telling him to drop that chicken leg or stop chasing the cat. He may also stop coming when you call him. (Of course, some dogs do this anyway, but that’s another topic.)


As Fido’s hearing devolves, he won’t be able to hear you approaching him. This can cause him to jump if you startle him from behind. This can definitely wear on his nerves!

Changes In Barking

Just like people, dogs all have their own unique voices. Some are normally quiet, while others are, well, rather vocal. Changes in hearing can often lead to increased vocalization in dogs. In some cases, Fido may think you can’t hear him. Other pups may be expressing dismay, or just don’t realize how loud they’re being.

Changes in Sleep Patterns

Do you sleep more than usual when you’re sick? If so, you’re not alone. This is the case for many dogs as well. If your canine pal is sleeping more than usual, there could be something going on with him.

Behavioral Changes

Fido won’t really understand what’s happening to his ears, and may be confused or frightened by the change. This may lead him to act more docile, wary, or even apathetic.


If you see any of these symptoms in your furry friend, contact your vet right away. While sometimes these issues are permanent, that isn’t always the case. Some issues can be cleared up with medication. However, even if the diagnosis isn’t great, don’t panic. Caring for a dog with hearing issues isn’t necessarily much different from caring for any other pooch! For instance, many dogs can learn to respond to hand signals, rather than vocal commands.

As your local Fort Collins, CO vet clinic, we are dedicated to offering excellent veterinary care. Please feel free to contact us anytime.

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