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Cute Tricks You Can Teach a Guinea Pig

March 15, 2016

Do you have a Guinea pig? Did you know that these little furballs can learn some super cute tricks? You probably won’t be able to teach your pet to fetch or bring your slippers, but you may be able to show him some really adorable tricks. Read on as a local Fort Collins, CO veterinarian lists some cute and simple tricks you can teach your Guinea pig.

Turn In Circles

You can teach your Guinea pig, or cavy, as they are sometimes called, to turn in circles. Start by holding a treat up, just in front of his nose. When your adorable pet moves towards the treat, move your hand in a circle, and tell him to go in circles. The little guy probably follow your hand. Give him the treat after he’s gone in a circle.

Come When Called

To teach your cavy to come when called, simply hold out a treat, and call his name. It probably won’t take long for your cute pet to pick this one up!

Jump Through A Hoop

Cavies can learn to jump through hoops. Hold the hoop and a treat, positioning your hands so that your little furball needs to go through the hoop to get his snack. Then tell him to go through the hoop. When he does, give him the treat.

Go Home

Guinea pigs need some time out of their cages each day. Why not teach your little buddy to return to his cage on command? To start, you’ll want to lay out some yummy treats, going from the cage door into your pet’s habitat. When your tiny pal goes for the treats, say ‘Go Home’ or something similar.


Before training your Guinea pig, give him plenty of time to get to know you and to trust you. When training your cavy, say the vocal command after your pet performs the desired behavior. It will take a lot of repetition, but eventually your furry buddy will associate the spoken command with both the action you want him to perform and the snack. Even after your cavy has mastered a trick, give him treats sometimes for doing it correctly, so he’ll still expect those tasty tidbits.

Do you have any questions or concerns about caring for a Guinea pig? We can help! Call us, your Fort Collins, CO animal clinic, anytime!

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