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How to Stop Your Dog From Digging

August 15, 2015

Has your canine buddy taking up landscaping as a hobby? Is Fido making your yard look like a construction site? Digging is a fairly common complaint from dog owners. Before you can take steps to correct your pup’s mining habits, however, you’ll need to figure out why he’s digging in the first place. Never punish your dog for digging. Instead, determine the cause, and look for a solution. A Fort Collins, CO veterinarian offers some possible reasons and resolutions below.


Is your dog intact? Is he inclined to run off, or love exploring new territory? He could be trying to escape. Be sure to spay or neuter your pooch. Bring Fido to dog parks or hiking trails to satisfy his urge to explore.


Do you sometimes find your pooch lying in a hole he made? Is your dog outside when it’s hot or cold? If so, your pet may be seeking relief from the weather. Keep your canine friend indoors as much as possible. If Fido absolutely has to spend a lot of time outdoors, get him a comfy doghouse.


Some dogs dig to bury or retrieve treats or food. If this is the case, work with Fido. Build him a sandbox, and bury toys and treats in it. If he knows where the good stuff is, he may leave the rest of the yard alone!


Is your pup digging in straight lines? Is he a terrier? If so, he may be after a burrowing animal. Use safe and humane methods to banish your unwanted guests.


Look at Fido’s routine and yard area. Does he have ample toys and entertainment? Provide your canine pal with plenty of fun playthings, and change them out frequently so he doesn’t get bored.

Excess Energy

Dogs that don’t get enough activity may dig to relieve excess energy. Take Fido for daily walks, and play with him long enough to tire him out a bit.


Some breeds are simply more inclined to digging than others are. Researching your pup’s breed characteristics may give you valuable insight.


If Fido mostly digs when he’s left alone, he may have separation anxiety. Ask a professional for advice on helping your dog overcome his fears.

Do you have questions about your dog’s health, care, or behavior? Contact us, your Fort Collins, CO vet clinic, anytime!

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