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High-Quality Nutrition for Your Growing Kitten

May 1, 2015

Your brand-new kitten Sparkle is a tiny feline whirlwind. You just adopted this energetic little cat from your town’s animal shelter, and she has already charmed the socks off your entire family. You introduced this spunky girl to her food and water bowls, plush comfy bed, and colorful toys. Next, you turned her loose to explore your home. She raced through the rooms at lightning speed, sticking her small nose into every corner. To fuel this high-energy activity, and support her early-life growth, she needs a quality diet formulated for kittens. Tomorrow, your Fort Collins veterinarian will give Sparkle a new patient exam and prescribe an appropriate food.

Super-Charged Kitten Nutrition

Some of Sparkle’s nutritional needs match those of your three-year-old cat Flash. Both felines require similar portions of fats, some fatty acids, and vitamins. However, your fast-growing kitten must receive more protein, amino acids, and other vitamins and minerals. Ideally, she’ll obtain 30 percent of her energy from high-quality protein sources.

Your vet will prescribe a delicious balanced blend that your kitten will consume until she becomes an adult cat. Although she’d likely prefer a cat treat diet, limit these snacks to 5 percent of her daily calorie consumption.

Several Daily Mealtimes

Sparkle and Flash will also maintain different feeding schedules. Your active adult cat consumes two daily scheduled meals. This nutritional regimen provides her with plenty of energy to torment her cat toys and chase your dog through the house.

However, your frenetic little kitten is like a wind-up toy that won’t run out of juice. She’s always on the move; and she only takes breaks to eat, drink, urinate, or defecate. She occasionally recharges her batteries with a short nap. To support this blistering pace, she needs three or four balanced meals every day.

Unlimited Fresh Water

Along with your kitten’s quality diet, she must receive plenty of fresh, clean water daily. Keep her bowl full, as that enables her to fill up whenever she feels the urge to drink. You’ll help her to avoid dehydration, which can also contribute to other medical problems.

As Sparkle progresses through life, your Fort Collins veterinarian will provide her with regular physical checkups and address developing medical problems. She’ll fine-tune your cat’s diet to meet her changing needs. To give your kitten a nutritious start, contact us for expert assistance.

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