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Has Your Cat Turned Into a Picky Eater?

April 1, 2015

Your big tabby cat Slate has always had a dog’s hearty appetite. This husky five-year-old feline frequently polishes off his bowl within minutes; and you’ve often seen him steal your other cat’s kibbles. Lately, though, your hungry feline housemate has mostly been playing with his meals, rather than consuming them. You wonder what caused this appetite change. You’re also worried about poor nutrition or a possible medical problem. Tomorrow, your Fort Collins veterinarian will give Slate a complete physical exam and expert nutritional counseling.

Hectic Restaurant

Slate’s a no-frills cat who would be happy dining from a paper plate. However, he does prefer to consume his meals alone, with minimum disruptions. Unfortunately, you’ve placed your peace-loving cat’s bowls in your busy kitchen, where your family gathers throughout the day. Since your cat’s on a strict feeding schedule, maybe his human housemates could be persuaded to make alternative dining arrangements.

Substandard Menu

Your quality-conscious cat has enjoyed the same delicious kibbles for several years. However, he might have gotten tired of facing that same old blend every day. Or, if your home’s air is somewhat humid, your cat’s food has taken on a soggy texture and cardboard taste.

Maybe Slate insists on wet food. Although storing the cans in the fridge makes your life easier, your picky cat won’t eat that bowl of frigid, odorless, tasteless mush. Slightly heating the contents makes them interesting; however, make sure you don’t burn your cat’s delicate mouth.

Poor Hygiene and Dental Health

Your clean-freak cat can’t stomach the idea of dining from a dirty bowl. Besides the hygiene issue, he’s afraid the container is teeming with bacteria who will find their way into his digestive system. Or, maybe he has developed a painful dental problem, and he can’t even think about food right now. After your vet diagnoses and treats your cat’s dental malady, his appetite should return.

Craft a Creative Solution

Consider buying a high-end feline blend, honoring Slate’s preference for dry or wet food. Avoid human ingredients, as they’ll upset his stomach. When your picky-eating cat becomes ravenously hungry, he’ll likely swallow his pride and return to his bowl.

If Slate doesn’t eat for an entire day, ask your Fort Collins veterinarian to investigate a medical problem or food allergy. To resolve your cat’s persnickety food consumption, contact us for an appointment.

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