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Pamper Your Pooch With a Top-Notch Grooming Service

March 15, 2015

Your golden retriever Susie values the finer things in life. This elegant five-year-old dog sleeps on a custom-made bed and sports a handmade faux jeweled leather collar. This spoiled-rotten canine enjoys a top-notch diet, and you brush her luxurious coat daily. Every few weeks, you schedule your lucky girl for a grooming appointment. You want your prim-and-proper dog to be perfectly coiffed when she visits your Fort Collins vet for next week’s regular checkup.

Tail-Wagging Welcome

When you take Susie to the grooming salon tomorrow, she’ll literally wriggle with excitement. After the receptionist gives your dog a friendly greeting, she’ll ask you about grooming instructions. If the vet has prescribed a medicated or specialty shampoo, take it along. If you don’t want water in Susie’s ears, or would like a special coat trim, make your wishes known. Next, your canine diva will receive an escort to the work area. If her groomer isn’t ready for your dog’s pre-bath prep work, your pampered girl can briefly relax in her kennel.

Bath Preparation Tasks

First, your lucky dog will receive a complete brushout, designed to remove tangles that would become solidly matted when drenched with water. If you hardly ever groomed your canine housemate, and her coat was hopelessly unkempt, the groomer might give her a shavedown. After all, she doesn’t want to cause your dog pain by trying to resolve impossible mats. Finally, your companion will receive a nail trim and gentle ear cleaning.

Anal Gland Expression

Now we proceed to that rarely discussed anal gland expression. Susie’s groomer will place her in the tub, or perhaps at a large-dog floor bathing station. Next, the groomer will empty, or express, your canine housemate’s anal glands. These two small fluid-rich glands often empty when your dog poops. Keeping them evacuated reduces the chances of medical problems.

Scrumptious Spa Treatment

Now it’s time for that wonderful bath. Your lucky girl will receive a scented shampoo, a terrific coat massage, and a thorough rinse. Her groomer will carefully dry your dog’s coat with a kennel or hand-held dryer. Susie will receive a nice brushout and a breed-standard clip. She might even get a bandanna or cologne spritz.

When Susie visits your Fort Collins vet, she’ll prance with pride over her stylish appearance. If your dog needs a professional makeover,  contact us  for an appointment.

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