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Bunnyproofing Basics

February 15, 2015

Have you recently decided to adopt a rabbit? If so, you’re definitely bringing a very cute little pet into your home! Rabbits have been charming us for centuries with their adorable little faces and playful antics. Bunnies make wonderful pets, but these little furballs do instinctively chew and dig, and have been known to damage their owners’ belongings and furniture. In order to keep both your furball and your belongings safe, you’ll need to bunnyproof your home. Read this article from your local Fort Collins vet for some great tips on bunnyproofing.

Where To Bunnyproof

Any areas of your home that your rabbit will have access to must be thoroughly bunnyproofed. Kitchens, bathrooms, and hallways are often the easiest rooms to bunnyproof. Some people choose to give their rabbits a room of their own, and just bunnyproof that one room. You will have one happy pet on your hands if you go this route!


Electrical cords are a high priority when it comes to bunnyproofing. Hide all your wires, or cover them in plastic protectors. This is very important, as your fuzzy pet could seriously injure himself or even start a fire if he chews on a live wire!


Don’t let your little furball loose in rooms where there are household cleaners or other chemicals stored in cabinets he can get into. Medicine bottles, aerosols, and automotive products should all be kept securely away from your pet.


Many common houseplants are dangerous for rabbits. Research any plants you have to determine if they are safe for bunnies. Toxic plants should be removed entirely or hung in a high spot where your furry pal can’t possibly reach them.


If your bunny chews or digs at your carpet, get area rugs or floor mats, and place them over that section of the rug to protect it. You may want to use a ‘corral’ to designate a bunny play zone.


Furniture legs should be encased in plastic coating to keep them safe from your furkid’s chewing habits. You can also put cardboard in the space under beds and couches, so your pet doesn’t damage the underside of your furniture.

Do you have any questions about caring for a rabbit? Is your pet due for a checkup? We are here to help. Contact us any time!

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