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Surprising Causes of Your Cat’s Aggression

January 1, 2015

Your cat Murray has stealth feline aggression down to a science. Your big gray tabby enjoys crouching behind the couch, leaping out to rake your family’s ankles as they walk past. This feline bully also delights in clawing your golden retriever Cooper’s nose and driving your two adopted cats under the nearest piece of furniture. Clearly, Murray’s aggressive antics must stop before somebody really gets hurt. You’d like your veterinarian Larimer County to give this unruly feline family member some  behavioral counseling . Learn more about why cats can display aggression.

No Rules During Kittenhood

Murray’s feline aggression probably resulted from a less-than-ideal kittenhood. Whether his mother abandoned him, or he was orphaned, your obnoxious feline likely didn’t get enough mother cat discipline. If he came from a breeder, he might have been weaned too early.

Since Murray’s life hasn’t had much structure, he thinks it’s permissible to stalk his housemates. Divert your goal-directed cat by giving him a more acceptable prey, such as a laser toy he can pursue around the room. Also investigate other challenging cat toys. Don’t punish Murray, as that will probably make his aggressive behavior worse.

Unfortunate Household Victims

As an indoor cat, Murray can’t retaliate against the neighborhood cats who intrude on “his” yard each day. He tries to defend his territory, hissing and assuming aggressive positions from inside the window. However, Murray’s threatening display doesn’t command the cats’ respect.

With the invading cats off the target list, Murray turns his fury on everyone else in the house. To stop this vicious cycle, keep your angry cat out of that room. If that isn’t possible, close the drapes so he can’t see the troublemakers. Keep your feline bully away from other living creatures until he calms down.

Feline Turf Wars

Much to Murray’s surprise, your two adopted cats might be planning a counterattack of their own. Since that will really upset your feline fighter’s plans, he bullies the two cats daily to keep them under his thumb. Stop these confrontations by placing each cat in a separate room with food, water, and a litter box. Visit Murray frequently so he doesn’t think he’s been abandoned. Ask your vet how to resolve the hostilities.

After your veterinarian Larimer County helps Murray clean up his behavior, your household should become much more peaceful. If your own cat has become aggressive, call your vet for expert assistance.

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