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Top-Notch Nutrition for Your Adult Dog

December 1, 2014

Your Labrador retriever Hunter is a rambunctious pooch who’s always in motion. Hunter loves to play fetch and retrieve his training dummies with amazing efficiency. To fuel this high-energy fun, Hunter needs top-quality food that meets his  nutritional needs . Good thing your Fort Collins veterinarian prescribed a well-balanced, nutritionally complete diet. Read more about essential components of a good adult dog diet.

Carbohydrates for Consistent Energy

Carbohydrates provide that extra “oomph” that Hunter needs to maintain his busy schedule. Carbs also help to regulate Hunter’s intestinal functions and make his potty breaks go smoothly. Hunter’s female friends also depend on carbs to keep their reproductive systems functioning well. Although canine nutritional profiles don’t list minimum carb requirements, Hunter requires a certain amount of glucose to maintain his brain and other vital organ operations.

Proteins for Body Structures

High-quality proteins help Hunter’s cells, tissues, and organs to maintain their structure and integrity. Good thing Hunter loves animal proteins, as they’re the best protein sources for your active dog. Quality dog foods include turkey, fish, beef, lamb, or chicken as protein sources.

Fats for Super-Dense Energy and Insulation

Versatile fats are vastly underrated, as they’re the most energy-dense food source, much denser than proteins or carbohydrates. Fats also give Hunter’s organs valuable insulation during extreme cold or hot weather. Since Hunter’s always moving, he’s lucky that his body fats protect his vital organs from traumatic injury. Because Hunter’s body doesn’t produce much fat, his nutritious diet must provide most of his beneficial fats.

Minerals for Bones and Teeth

Hunter’s bones and teeth depend on minerals to maintain their structural integrity. Hunter’s fluid balance would also get out of whack without sufficient minerals. Since Hunter’s body doesn’t synthesize minerals, his diet must provide these valuable nutrients.

Vitamins to Maintain Metabolism

Hunter’s super-charged metabolism requires specific vitamins to keep it running smoothly. While Hunter’s top-quality diet provides an optimal vitamin mix, your vet might also prescribe a special supplement or two. Hunter will think his vitamins are just another delicious treat.

Water for Life

Regardless of Hunter’s excellent diet, his body can’t function without a consistent supply of fresh, clean water. In fact, water makes up 60 to 70 percent of Hunter’s body weight. When Hunter’s body water decreases by 10 percent, maybe from dehydration, he’ll become very ill. If Hunter experiences a 15 percent water loss, his body’s systems will begin to shut down and he’ll likely die.

As Hunter moves through his life stages, your Fort Collins vet will tweak your dog’s diet to reflect his changing nutritional needs and activity level. After all, your vet wants Hunter to stay healthy so he can enjoy life with your family.

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