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Talking to Your Cat

November 1, 2014

Do you talk to your Larimer County cat? If so, you aren’t alone. One survey found that a whopping 97 percent of pet owners talk to their animals at least once a day. Some cats talk back more than others do; there are some very chatty kitties out there, and there are also cats who rarely speak.

More and more studies are showing the benefits of owning a cat. People with cats tend to have lower blood pressure, less depression, and lower risk of cardiovascular disease, to name just a few. Cats are being used more and more as official therapy animals, but they have long been helping humans cope with the stresses of life in a much less formal position: by being sounding boards.

Here are a few times where you may find yourself talking to your furball:

Practicing a Speech

If you have to give a presentation at work, and you don’t have a friend or family member available to help you out with a trial run, try showing Fluffy your presentation. She’ll probably be completely unimpressed and disdainful, so if you meet the same reaction from a colleague, you’ll be prepared.

Making Decisions

Weighing the pros and cons of an important decision can really help us clarify what the best course of action is for us to take. Sometimes we need to sort our problems out by vocalizing them. If you do this in your cat’s presence, you aren’t talking to yourself. You’re talking to your cat. Kitty may argue with your logic, but, since she only speaks in meows, you don’t have to take her advice. Whether you’re deciding what to wear, what color to paint the den, or which car to buy, your kitty will offer absolutely no opinion at all … and sometimes that’s exactly what you need.


Cats tend to be most vocal around mealtimes, and as suppertime nears, your furball may start questioning you about dinner. It’s perfectly acceptable to answer back and reassure Kitty that yes, her food will be served shortly.

During a Conflict

If someone has made you angry, you may need to blow off a bit of steam while deciding how best to handle the situation. Your feline buddy will listen to your entire side of the story without interrupting. She may be asleep by the time you finish, but that’s beside the point.

Sometimes, your cat may try to talk to you about her problems. You may not have the least idea what she’s talking about, but it’s only polite to talk back.

When do you like to talk to your Larimer County cat? Let us know!

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