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Colorado State Pets

September 15, 2014

If you’re a Larimer County resident and an animal lover, you have good reason to be proud to live in Colorado. In 2013, Colorado made a wonderful statement in support of animals by making shelter dogs and cats the official state pets. We love to assist clients who have helped change the lives of animals by adopting their pets from shelters. Watching animals thrive and flourish in new homes is extremely rewarding, both for those of us in the veterinary care industry as well as for the pets’ human families.

The legislation was championed by kids from Peak Elementary school. Colorado’s citizens made their wishes clear when it came time for lawmakers to decide on the issue. So many people showed up to testify that many had to wait outside the chamber.

Service dogs and guide dogs were also considered. Shelter animals won the day, but this was one case where many Colorado citizens were really rooting for both teams. Service dogs and guide dogs are amazing. They save lives and help us every day, and are well deserving of all and any recognition they get. The underdog won this round, but they are all winners in our eyes.

While puppies and kittens in pet stores are very likely to find a home fairly quickly, animals in shelters may not be so lucky. Shelters are overflowing with wonderful animals in dire need of good forever homes. Animals can wind up in shelters for many reasons. Their owners may be sick, or incapable of caring for the animals. Stray animals and unwanted kittens and puppies also often end up behind bars.

Rescuing an animal from a shelter can be a very gratifying experience. You’re giving an animal a second chance at life, and that is definitely something we are happy to support. Animals that are rescued from shelters are often very clearly grateful to their new human friends, and can be all the more appreciative and joyful for the second chance. These pets often pay back their human benefactors with unconditional love and loyalty, hours of fun and laughter, and unwavering affection.

If you are looking for a new pet, why not go to a Larimer County shelter? You might find your best friend is already there, just waiting for you.

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