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How To Make Your Older Cat More Comfortable

September 1, 2014

Your older cat’s life isn’t quite as easy as it once was—older cats have more trouble moving around, using the litter box, eating, and doing many other daily routines. Make her life a little more comfortable with these helpful tips from a Larimer County vet.

Multiple Litter Boxes

It’s a good bet that your senior cat doesn’t like trekking down or up the stairs constantly to use her litter box. Try placing multiple litter boxes around your home, perhaps one on each floor. This way, one is always within a relatively short distance when your cat has to go. It will make her life a lot simpler, and reduce the chances of accidents on your carpets or floors!


Kittens don’t have any trouble twisting and turning around to groom all parts of their bodies, but an older cat might not be so nimble, especially if they have arthritis. Help your cat out in the hygiene department by grooming her yourself. Use a cat-specific brush to remove loose hair, untangle mats, and spread essential skin oils throughout the coat.

Raise Food Dishes

Your cat may benefit from having her food and water dishes raised on a platform. This way, she won’t have to bend down, straining the neck, to eat or drink. Again, this technique is especially helpful for arthritic cats. Try using something as simple as a shoebox to put the dishes on.

New Bed

If your cat has been sleeping on the same pet bed for many years, it’s probably time for a new one. Your cat will love the extra cushioning and warmth of a new bed. A therapeutic or orthopedic bed might even be beneficial—ask your vet for a recommendation.

Quiet Zone

What older cat wants to be in the thick of all the family action? She’d probably rather view the goings-on from a safe distance. Try setting up a quiet zone just for her in a back room. A safe, comfortable space will go a long way toward helping your older cat feel more comfortable.

Ask your Larimer County veterinarian for more easy and helpful tips to make your cat’s life more comfortable. With a little help, you’ll be able to make your cat’s golden years her best yet!

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