Operations Manager

When Mandy was growing up, she always wanted to be a lion tamer so she could make the circus more fun. Mandy’s life ultimately took a different turn, as she found herself managing veterinary practices rather than taming a cageful of roaring lions. However, during a seminar Mandy learned that she had developed the leadership skills to take on and master difficult challenges. Mandy also realized that part of her childhood dream had been fulfilled, as she gets to surround herself with a roomful of animals every day!


Mandy came to Moore Animal Hospital via a roundabout path. Growing up in Scottsbluff, Nebraska with her parents and brother, she was involved in music and 4-H activities, and also spent time working with children. While Mandy was in college, she found a veterinary receptionist position at a three-doctor practice in Lincoln, Nebraska. Working at this practice unlocked Mandy’s love for animals and passion for people. After working at two other practices, and gradually moving up to an Assistant Office Manager position, Mandy began to realize she loved the veterinary medicine field.

Moving to Fort Collins, Colorado, Mandy worked part-time at several veterinary practices, and was eventually introduced to Dr. Moore, who had established Moore Animal Hospital. When Dr. Moore mentioned that the practice was hiring, Mandy jumped at the opportunity to join the Moore Animal Hospital team. Mandy’s receptionist, kennel, and management experience have made her a welcome asset to the staff.

While Mandy enjoys interacting with the dogs and cats who visit the practice each day, she really loves meeting the patients’ pet parents. As Mandy gets better acquainted with each pet owner, she can more easily understand their relationship with their beloved pet. Mandy also enjoys educating clients on the importance of pet nutrition and dental care, as regular attention to these areas helps to provide the pet with a longer, healthier life.

When Mandy’s not visiting with hospital pets and their owners, she’s relaxing at home with her six dogs and a cat that seems to want to be a dog. Since each animal has a buddy, each pet has a partner in crime. Mandy and her family are also bona fide movie buffs, attending many PG-13 films as soon as they appear in local theaters. Finally, Mandy and her daughter often visit nursing homes, providing companionship to the residents while receiving a sense of satisfaction in return.

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Medical Team Lead

Mark embarked on his satisfying veterinary technician career after interacting with a friend’s animals, rather than Mark’s own pets. Mark was allergic to dogs and cats, so his family refrained from keeping these furry household pets. Once he connected with his friend’s pets, he made the decision to develop a career working with animals, and found his first veterinary technician job while attending college. Fortunately, Mark’s allergy problem was resolved after several months, making his veterinary technician work much easier!


Mark’s first veterinary hospital job began with kennel cleaning duty, although he always jumped at the chance to assist a veterinarian or technician. Over time, Mark developed his veterinary technician skills while he completed his Bachelor’s Degree in Biology at Colorado University at Boulder. After receiving his sheepskin in 2007, he moved to Fort Collins and applied to work at Moore Animal Hospital. Mark was immediately taken with the staff’s easy camaraderie, even though they clearly took their jobs very seriously.

Mark really enjoys his “hands on” work with his canine and feline patients, and especially likes the variety of tasks he performs on a given day. He gains satisfaction from watching a beloved pet recover from an illness, and also appreciates the chance to develop long-term relationships with the animals’ pet parents.

Despite Mark’s Colorado residence, he spent his early childhood in Nebraska, growing up with his parents and younger sister. Mark is an avid Nebraska Cornhuskers football fan, and still returns to his home state for yearly football games. He also enjoys golfing, a sport that led him to participation on his high school golf team. After a hiatus of several years, Mark is back on the course and is constantly working to better his scores. He’s also renewing his SCUBA certification, and looks forward to exploring the fascinating world beneath the water’s surface.

Finally, now that Mark has experienced the joys that dogs and cats can bring to his life, he’s looking forward to adding a furry family member to his home in the near future.

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Assistant Manager and Veterinary Technician

As a young girl, Marrisa was fascinated when the veterinarian came to check on her family’s horses. From then on, she played veterinarian with her stuffed animals and doggedly pursued the vet whenever he came back! Her love for animal care never wavered, and she has hopes of one day becoming a veterinarian herself.

Marrisa grew up on a 6,000 acre dry-land wheat farm in Edwall, Washington, where she was surrounded by animals from an early age. During high school, she began volunteering at a local vet clinic to gain experience, eventually moving to a kennel staff position at a larger hospital. After graduation, Marrisa attended Washington State University on an athletic scholarship for rowing before transferring to Eastern Washington University on a college rodeo scholarship. She came to Moore Animal Hospital after moving to Fort Collins to finish her Biology degree, and is currently pursuing her degree in veterinary technology.

Here at the hospital, Marrisa especially loves educating local pet owners and reassuring clients that their furry friends will be safe and happy during their stay at the clinic. She also says that asking a pet if they’re ready to go home, and seeing their uncontrollable excitement when they realize mom or dad is coming, is one of the most rewarding parts of her job.

Marrisa’s parents still run their family farm in Washington, where they keep many pets including a Palomino Quarter horse, miniature donkeys, a blue heeler, and several barn cats. Here in Fort Collins, Marrisa has a cat named Tigger and a German shepherd named Oakley, who both enjoy going out for walks in the grass. Oakley is also a Certified Therapy Dog and regularly visits with residents of nursing homes, assisted-living facilities, adult daycares, and medical facilities.

In her spare time, Marrisa enjoys running, hiking, shooting, hunting, fishing, riding horses, spending time with friends, and anything that has to do with diesel trucks. One of her most memorable accomplishments was organizing a diesel cruise to raise funds for a local woman fighting ovarian cancer. In three short weeks, Marrisa managed to gather 65 trucks for the cruise, raising $1,600 in funds!

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Certified Veterinary Technician

Stephanie’s professional veterinary career actually began when she volunteered at PAWS, or Pets Are Worth Saving, Chicago’s largest no-kill shelter. Assigned to the spay/neuter clinic’s recovery room, Stephanie received instructions from the surgeons and technicians, and was then turned loose to monitor the recovering patients. When she looked around a couple of hours into her shift, she realized she was caring for 11 dogs, 5 kittens, and 13 feral cats. All of the animals were recovering well, and all were in stable condition. Stephanie realized that with minimal training, she was excelling at her tasks, and in fact the experienced technicians gave her “high fives” of approval!

Although Stephanie was born in Fort Collins, her family moved to the Chicago area when she was 10. She enjoyed riding and competing with horses during her childhood and young adult years. In fact, Stephanie drove a horse-drawn carriage in downtown Chicago for some time. She also showed dogs in obedience and conformation classes, practiced Canine Search and Rescue skllls, and conducted remedial behavior training for abused dogs. After Stephanie completed her Bachelor’s Degree at Loyola University, she had the opportunity to attend veterinary school. However, after much contemplation, Stephanie realized her heart was in veterinary nursing, and subsequently earned her Veterinary Technician certification from Fox College.

In July 2011, Stephanie realized she really missed her Colorado mountains, and moved back to the Fort Collins area. She completed an externship at Moore Animal Hospital, and was hired for a full-time veterinary technician position. Stephanie loves being part of each patient’s family, and receives a special joy from helping to heal a sick pet or helping to keep a pet healthy through wellness visits. Stephanie also excels at client education, as she regularly teaches clients how to manage their pets’ conditions, medications, and behavioral issues. She never grows tired of listening to clients’ stories about their beloved pets.

Residing in Fort Collins with Jake, her life partner, Stephanie enjoys back-country hiking, camping, and fly fishing. She’s also an avid reader. While Stephanie grew up with Australian shepherds, Corgis hold a special place for her now.

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Certified Veterinary Technician

As a child, Courtney never entertained thoughts of becoming an astronaut, a professional singer, or a firefighter—she knew ever since the age of four that she wanted to work with animals. Getting her very first cat, Benny, at the age of five only cemented her passion further. For Courtney, being able to help other pet owners maintain the special bonds they share with their companions is a dream come true!

Originally from Dallas, Texas, Courtney lived in Hawaii for a year and then moved to Fort Collins at the age of 21. She earned her Associate’s degree in veterinary technology from Front Range Community College and completed an internship at a nearby veterinary hospital during her studies. Next, she signed on for another internship at Colorado State University’s Veterinary Teaching Hospital, where she learned the ropes of the Veterinary Technician profession.

After her college career, Courtney became a zookeeper at the Cheyenne Mountain Zoo in Colorado Springs and at the Denver Zoo, where she had the opportunity to work with tigers, snow leopards, servals, and more. She then decided to return to private practice, and joined the Moore Animal Hospital family as a Veterinary Technician in February of 2017. Courtney especially likes assisting with surgeries and interacting directly with clientele, and she’s particularly passionate about wild-animal conservation efforts.

Aside from her interests in the world of veterinary care, Courtney enjoys camping, snowboarding, hiking, playing Frisbee golf, attending concerts, and cheering on her Dallas Stars. She and her fiancé, Dane, share their lives with a beautiful black cat named Vader and a crazy Shiba Inu who goes by Niko.

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Veterinary Assistant

James wasn’t always allowed to have pets while growing up; he suspects that this only made him want them more! With a bit of age and plenty of nagging, he was able to convince his parents to let him keep some of the stray animals he found in his neighborhood. It wasn’t long before James had made up his mind—veterinary medicine was the perfect path for him!

James is a native of Hawaii. During his sophomore year of college at the University of Hawaii at Hilo, he decided to relocate to California to finish his undergraduate degree in biology at California State University-Bakersfield. After graduating, he moved back home and continued taking classes at the University of Hawaii while applying for veterinary school. James was accepted to Colorado State University, and he’s been living here in Fort Collins ever since! He joined the Moore Animal Hospital team in the summer of 2016 to supplement his studies with hands-on experience in the field.

As a Veterinary Assistant, James loves to help out in the examination rooms and make sure each and every visitor to the clinic remains as comfortable as possible. He has a particular interest in hematology and enjoys studying the chemistry panels after drawing blood, and he’s also fascinated by neurobiology work.

When time allows between his hectic school and work schedules, James enjoys staying active by playing soccer, basketball, and Ultimate Frisbee. He’s also fond of video games and playing Go, a Chinese board game; James even had the opportunity to play against professionals at a tournament in Tokyo, Japan!

James has three cats here in Fort Collins—Spitty, Woofie, and Teddy—as well as his two family cats back home in Hawaii: Butterscotch, an orange domestic shorthair rescued by James during his undergraduate years, and a shy domestic shorthair named Shiro.

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Veterinary Assistant

When her childhood ferret became ill, Katt took her to the closest veterinary clinic in the area. She didn’t know it at the time, but that visit would profoundly impact her life—the care and compassion that the veterinarian and his crew demonstrated that day was something that Katt had never experienced before. She made it her goal to one day impact other pet owners’ lives in exactly the same way!

Born in Sydney, Australia, Katt grew up in Pensacola, Florida and moved to Fort Collins in August of 2015 to study at Colorado State University. Within a week of moving, Katt began inquiring about a position here at Moore Animal Hospital, and was hired on in late August. She’s thrilled to supplement her studies with real-world experience that will prepare her for veterinary school in the future!

When she has spare time between work and her studies, Katt enjoys hiking, golfing, staying active as a member of Colorado State University’s student government, and spending time with her own pets at home. She lives with Lily, a cat who serves as Katt’s personal alarm clock; Chester, a self-proclaimed professional squirrel-watcher; and Maui, a 12-year-old blue-and-gold macaw who enjoys eating bananas.

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Culture Coordinator

Caitlyn B’s connection with Moore Animal Hospital goes all the way back to her childhood. Since Caitlyn’s mother, Dr. Buckner, owns the hospital, Caitlyn has always been a frequent visitor to the clinic’s exam rooms and kennels. As a result of her time spent at the hospital, Caitlyn developed a love for its many pet patients and an appreciation for the dedicated staff who care for them. Now seventeen, Caitlyn has been working at the hospital for three years while keeping on top of her studies. While Caitlyn often works as a hospital receptionist, she eagerly jumps in where she’s needed, giving her lots of chances to learn about all aspects of patient care!


Of course, Caitlyn always takes time to engage in some playtime with the hospital’s canine and feline patients. Whether the pet is a young kitten or a geriatric dog, Caitlyn loves them all, and makes them feel special while they’re at the hospital. Caitlyn’s love of animals has also helped to shape her future plans. She plans to combine her natural curiosity, along with a keen interest in biology, in a career as a forensic anthropologist.

Caitlyn’s animal-friendly family has prepared her for success at Moore Animal Hospital. Her mother, Dr. Buckner, functions as the hospital’s resident veterinarian and business owner. Caitlyn’s father and stepmother both work as farriers, giving Caitlyn some exposure to the equine world as well. Caitlyn also has a younger and older brother, making her the middle child in a very active family.

When Caitlyn leaves her furry patients for the day, she goes home to her beloved kiddo, Koa, whom Caitlyn describes as her “sassy baby girl.” Caitlyn also loves her rescue cat Vincent, whom she feels is her lifelong companion. Caitlyn’s dad cares for her lovable chocolate Labrador retriever Delia, who has just mastered some hide-and-seek tricks. 

In Caitlyn’s spare time, she’s a voracious reader, and also enjoys spending time outside. Caitlyn’s also a budding artist. While she loves to paint, one of her sculptures was featured in a local art show. She also enjoys origami, and especially loves to make paper cranes. Finally, Caitlyn wants to travel as much as possible. She’s already been to El Salvador three times, and plans to travel around the world when the opportunity is right.

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Operations Assistant, Client Advocate

Kelilah’s childhood cat, Shadow, was the first to show Kelilah the power of a pet’s unconditional love, empathy, and compassion. She’s always wanted to give something back to the animals who have given her so much! Kelilah is thrilled to serve as a Client Advocate and Field Trip Guide here at Moore Animal Hospital, where she’s able to better the lives of pets and their owners on a daily basis.

Kelilah grew up in Durango, Colorado with her mother, twin sister, grandmother, and plenty of family pets. She first joined the Moore Animal Hospital team on a recommendation from her sister, who works here herself as a Client Advocate.

When she isn’t tending to pets’ needs here at the clinic, Kelilah enjoys reading a good book, traveling, and doing humanitarian work. She’s even traveled to Ocho Rios, Jamaica, where she read to elementary school students and helped outfit a children’s hospital! Kelilah also loves to spend time with her own animal friends at home. She and her sister live with a pair of Turkish Angora cats: Bleu enjoys snuggling up to his owners and licking their faces, while Koda is much more shy and reserved but still loves to play when the mood strikes.

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Photo of  Kelilah


Field Trip Coordinator, Client Advocate

Aimee grew up just outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, where she enjoyed the company of various farm animals as well as her own family pets. For her, caring for the earth’s creatures comes quite naturally! Aimee is proud and excited to begin her veterinary journey here as a member of the Moore Animal Hospital family.

Aimee attended school in Fort Collins to study health and exercise science before making the decision to pursue animal medicine full-time. Now, she’s a Client Advocate here at the hospital and hopes to earn her zoology degree in the future. Aimee is particularly fond of getting to know pets and their loving owners on a personal basis, and also likes learning something new every single day.

Away from work, Aimee enjoys exercising at the gym, running, and playing soccer on a local recreational team.

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Client Advocate

Alie’s first cat, Shadow, was rescued from a trash bag inside of a dumpster. Once Shadow had healed physically and mentally, he was the most affectionate cat that Alie ever knew. He taught her how to be a great caregiver and an affectionate pet owner, and she strives to pass that on every day here at Moore Animal Hospital!

Alie grew up in Durango, Colorado with her parents, twin sister, and many household pets. She attended Fort Lewis College in Durango before transferring to Colorado State University in the fall of 2014, where she’s earning her degree in international studies. Alie was working in the food industry when she was approached by Moore Animal Hospital’s Operations Manager, Mandy, who noticed Alie because of her excellent people skills. Shortly afterward, Alie gave Mandy a call back and applied!

Back home in Durango, Alie and her family have five cats and two dogs. Here in Fort Collins, she lives with a pair of Turkish Angora cats named Bleu and Koda. Bleu enjoys cuddling and sleeping directly on Alie, while Koda prefers jumping onto peoples’ shoulders to get a better view of his territory.

In her time away from the clinic, Alie enjoys curling up with a good book and has been doing so since she was a little girl. She’s also a passionate volunteer, and even worked on humanitarian projects in Jamaica during high school. Alie would like to join the Peace Corps after graduating from college, and hopes to work for an international peace organization like UNESCO someday!

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Field Trip Guide

Megan grew up on the outskirts of Chicago, just down the street from an animal shelter. She spent three consecutive childhood summers enrolled in the shelter’s animal education day camp, and even became a junior counselor for the program when she was old enough. Eventually, she accepted an internship at the very same facility—it didn’t take long for Megan to realize that she wouldn’t be satisfied unless she was working with animals!

Megan moved to Colorado to pursue a degree in wildlife biology from Colorado State University, and recently became a part of the Moore Animal Hospital family to supplement her studies with real-world animal care experience. She’s particularly fond of working with the clinic’s boarding pets and helping to make them feel comfortable, and she also has a special appreciation for the hospital’s feline visitors.

Back in Chicago, Megan’s family has four cats—Tiger, Peaches, Felicity, and Rosie—as well as a mellow Golden retriever named Sadie. Here in Fort Collins, Megan shares her life with Tampa, a spunky black-and-white long-haired cat who is very enthusiastic about her two favorite foods, pizza and cream cheese. When she isn’t spending time with Tampa, studying for school, or helping the area’s pets here at the clinic, Megan enjoys practicing her photography skills and going horseback riding. She’s been riding ever since childhood, and the activity has since grown into one of her most cherished hobbies!

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