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    Have you ever visited a vet practice where you didn’t quite feel welcome? We want your experience with us to be warm, welcoming and different from anything else you’ve ever encountered.


    What sets us apart from other Fort Collins and Larimer County vet clinics is the way we treat our clients and the animals that they love. Your Fort Collins veterinarian truly cares about your needs as well as your pet’s, and place you both as our highest priority each and every time you step foot in the clinic.

    Recent Posts

    Cold Weather Care for Cats

    Dec 01, 2016

    Like it or not, cold weather will be here soon. Winter can be a very dangerous time of year, both for people and pets. Below, a Fort Collins, CO vet discusses cold weather care for kitties. Sleep Given the choice, … Read More »

    Thanksgiving Treats That Are Safe for Pets

    Nov 15, 2016

    Can you believe it’s almost Thanksgiving? Our furry companions are definitely something to be grateful for. As you start to make preparations for your Turkey Day feast, your pet will no doubt be right there with you. After all, Fido … Read More »

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